Gallery Slider

Standard Slider

[gallery_slider ids="751,750,749,739" carousel="false" title="true" caption="true"]
[gallery_slider ids="751,750,749,739" carousel="true" nav_thumbs="false"]


Argument Default Description
ids (required) None Comma separated list of attachments ID’s.
title false Whether to show title of gallery items.
caption false Whether to show caption of gallery items.
carousel None When set to true, variable width image carousel will be used. If option is left blank, theme framework will determine what to use.
size None Crop size for images. When not set, theme framework will determine an appropriate default based on scenario.
interval 5000 Milliseconds between auto slide transitions. For example, 5000 milliseconds = 5 seconds.
pause true Whether to pause slider on mouse hover.
wrap true Whether sliders continues auto rotate after the first pass.
nav_standard false Whether to show standard navigation indicator dots.
nav_arrows true Whether to show standard navigation arrows.
nav_thumbs true Whether to show navigation thumbnails.
thumb_size smallest Size to display thumbnail navigation – small, smaller, smallest, or custom integer (i.e. “100”)
dark_text false Whether to use dark text for titles, captions, and standard nav; use when images are light.
frame false Whether to wrap slider in frame.