Within the Theme Blvd framework there are many internal elements and other 3rd party items like Twitter Bootstrap integration to make use of. When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you an extensive pack of shortcodes to extend the framework’s functionality to your pages, posts, and custom layouts via shortcodes.

After activating this plugin, you’ll know it’s ready to go by viewing the Edit Page or Edit Post screen and seeing the plugin’s shortcode generator within your Visual Editor. You’ll then have access to the following shortcodes for use within your website.


Use Twitter Bootstrap’s button styling along with tons of additional color options added by the Theme Blvd framework.


The column shortcodes allow you to structure your content into rows of various size columns within your pages and posts.


Thanks to Twitter Bootstrap integration, this group of shortcodes adds some extra goodies for your website.

Display Posts

This group of shortcodes allow you to utilize the Theme Blvd framework’s extensive system for displaying posts in both grid and list format.

Gallery Slider

In a similar way that you’d create a typical WordPress gallery, you can create a quick slider of images from your media library.

Inline Elements

This group of shortcodes include some classic inline items like labels, icon links, text highlighting, the drop cap, and the newly added vector icon shortcode to take advantage of FontAwesome integration.


Theme Blvd themes already come with basic lightbox integration, and this plugin will give you a [lightbox] shortcode you can use to easily tap into this. You can also wrap a group of [lightbox] instances in a [lightbox_gallery] for them to be grouped into a gallery within the lightbox.

Additionally, there is a featured called “Auto Lightbox”, which will automatically convert images inserted into pages and posts into the [lightbox] shortcode when they link to a lightbox-compatible URL. Note that you can disable this functionality from Settings > Writing > Theme Blvd Shortcodes in your WordPress admin.

Pricing Tables

Combining Bootstrap columns and some custom Theme Blvd styling, these will allow you to create some simple, but slick pricing columns. Only available in themes with Theme Blvd framework 2.5+.


When using the Theme Blvd Sliders plugin, you’ve already got access to the [slider] shortcode. However, in addition to that you’ll also get a fancy post grid slider and post list slider.


Here are some various shortcodes providing you options to display statistical numbers and figures. While the [progress_bar] shortcode can be used with all Theme Blvd themes, the others require Theme Blvd framework 2.5+.

Tabs & Toggles

The Theme Blvd shortcodes pack wouldn’t be complete without the ability create slick jQuery content control via tabs and toggles.

Raw Shortcode

Any content wrapped in the [raw] shortcode will allow you to escape any automatic WordPress formatting. Keep in mind that this is not a standard shortcode, and does modify the content outputted in your site. So, if you find that this conflicts with any other plugins you may be using, you can disable this functionality all together from Settings > Writing in your WordPress admin.

We understand that it can be a bit confusing trying to understand what shortcodes work with which version of your Theme Blvd theme. See here for more information on this.